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Kendo, the Japanese martial art of swordsmanship, is more of a self-discipline rather than a self-defense. Its practices are vigorous and demanding; the art is challenging and fun to learn. If you are a person seeking a "way" to self development, and not merely trophies, Kendo training may be for you.

Maeda Sensei



The Choyokan Kendo Dojo was established in 1979 and is a nonprofit organization registered with the State of Illinois. It is a member of the Midwest Kendo Federation and affiliated with the All United States Kendo Federation and the International Kendo Federation. Founded by Miyazaki, Yutaka, Sensei, the Dojo has slowly grown due largely to the efforts of Miyazaki Sensei and a core group of students. The Dojo is now fortunate to have several new visiting Sensei from Japan.

Miyazaki Sensei

The Dojo is now led by the Sakamoto Sensei (6th Dan), Hori Sensei (6th Dan), Otsuka Sensei (6th Dan), Umeki Sensei (5th Dan), Hatakeyama Sensei (5th Dan), and Hayashi Sensei (5th Dan). All instructors volunteer their time.



North Side Choyokan Kendo Dojo

The North Side Choyokan Kendo Dojo meets on Wednesdays and Fridays (8 p.m.) at:
Ravenswood Fellowship United Methodist Church
4511 N Hermitage
Chicago, IL
There will be no class on these Fridays in 2012 at the Ravenswood location:

Jul 20
Aug 17
Sept 21
Oct 3 & 5
Oct 19
Nov 2?
Nov 16
Nov 23
Dec 21

On Sundays class is held at noon here:
UIC Sports and Fitness Center
828 S. Wolcott Avenue
(South of Polk near Damen)
Chicago, IL
A four-week introductory course is required before joining regular classes. For additional information, please contact Sakamoto Sensei.

Des Plaines Choyokan Kendo Dojo

The Des Plaines Choyokan Kendo Dojo practices on Saturdays from 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Dee Park Recreation Center
Golf Maine Park District
9229 Emerson
Des Plaines, IL

Beginners class at the Des Plaines dojo usually takes 9 - 12 months.

For additional information, please contact Sakamoto Sensei.



The Dojo participates in various tournaments, demonstrations and other special events throughout the year. Tournaments are hosted by the Midwest Kendo Federation, the All US Kendo Federation, and other regional federations. The Dojo's anniversary is celebrated every year with a special Thanksgiving Day morning practice. The Dojo also holds joint practices with the Chicago Kendo Dojo throughout the year.



Beginners are welcome at the North Side location. Please contact Sakamoto Sensei for details about enrollment and starting dates.

Beginners are welcome at the Des Plaines location. Beginning classes in Des Plaine are held once or twice a year, depending on the space available. To get on our mailing notification for our next class, please contact Sakamoto Sensei for details about enrollment and starting dates.

Kikuchi Sensei

We encourage you to visit several of our practices either at the North Side or the Des Plaines location BEFORE beginning any classes. No equipment is necessary to start, but a shinai, or bamboo sword, will need to be purchased after the first class. We also advise you to research Kendo through available books and other internet sites so that you know something about Kendo before starting. Since all of our instructors are dedicated to Kendo and volunteer their time, we prefer that you be prepared to make a commitment to study Kendo and not take it on a "trial" basis.